In today’s modern workplace productivity is reinforced through streamlining work processes, which is essential to staying competitive.

Unified Communications makes it easier for teams to interact with each other through the use of instant messaging, audio conferencing and desktop sharing by integrating with Skype for Business, Google etc we can increase the flow of information.

By delivering a total integrated communications solution, you enable users to increase productivity, streamline workflows and collaborate with ease. What’s more, we can offer this solution as cloud based unified communications, also knows as UCaaS or unified communications as a service.


Unified Communications (UC) is the combination of non-real time services such as email, fax and voicemail as well as real-time services such as instant messaging, telephony, web and video conferencing and presence. Video calling, for instance, makes it easier and faster for people to connect with one another.

Another powerful benefit of unified communications is that allows employees to communicate with each other in real time unlike unified messaging which really is the combination of non-real time services such as email, fax and voicemail.

Integrated communications solutions can provide an organization with powerful tools that can improve worker productivity, drive revenue generation, improve customer service, maximize profits and reduce the cost of business communications. In addition all of this is available in the cloud leveraging our UCaaS platform.


Nexys UC is a powerful personal productivity tool that allows businesses to benefit from voice enabling their core IT apps.
Nexys UC also provides real-time presence information on all your colleagues, allowing you to make instant and accurate decisions as to how and when is the best time to communicate with them.

This could include integrated messaging (IM), which is also included on Nexys UC. It allows you to send messages to one or several users simultaneously from a single window using rich text and hyperlinks. There’s also a message history to keep track of past conversations.

You can deliver a seamless solution that provides a holistic view of operations and eliminates duplicate work, with open APIs and native integrations. Plus, with flexible phone options – desk phone, softphone, mobile and web clients – you can offer your users a variety of choices to ensure they have the solution right for them.


Nexys CRM integration takes all of the powerful personal productivity features of Nexys UC and adds support for all the leading CRM apps, alongside integration with LDAP and ODBC databases.

Many other database apps for specific vertical markets – some listed here – are also supported. So if you can’t see the particular database you’re using here, please contact us to see if we can bring the same integrated communications benefits to your business.

Partner options include:

  • Instant messaging
  • CTI integration for additional 100+ CRM and ERP systems
  • User integration to multiple databases
  • MS Exchange calendar integration


The Nexys Voice Conference Manager Portal (VCMP) simplifies the control of Meet-Me-Conferences, giving greater flexibility over how voice conferences and conference managers are created, who can be invited, how they are invited and how that conference is managed once it is running.

There are two levels of access to the Voice Conference Manager Portal, the VCMP Manager (system administrator) and Conference Managers.


Ideal for today’s mobile working practices, Mobility is specifically aimed at business users of notebook/laptop PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones giving them more freedom and greater flexibility and control over the way they handle their telephone calls when out of the office. Accessed through a standard web browser, Mobility doesn’t need any PC applications to be loaded.

There’s also no requirement for complex routing or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), so it’s easy to set up, use and maintain, making it “IT Department Friendly”.

The Right Tools. In One Solution.

All in One Communications Platform.