Building positive customer experiences is tied directly to repeat business and opens the opportunity to not only improve customer satisfaction but also to upsell and cross sell.

Nexys Call Centre helps your business to optimize resources, improve response times and routes calls effectively. Access account data to meet and beat the service level expectations of customers and reduce operational costs at the same time. Developed to deliver a single seamless solution with the Nexys business telephony platforms, our Call Centre solution combines advanced call routing with state-of-the-art reporting and management to optimise every aspect of your inbound customer service call centre.

The aim: to make interactions simple for your customers and your teams.


A contact center, also referred to as a customer interaction center is a central point from which all customer contacts are managed.

The call centre is the initial point of contact for your most valuable asset – your prospects and customers and optimizing the customer experience in an internet world means arming customer support and sales agents with the tools they need to answer questions by phone,  mail, instant message (IM) or other methods. It also means ensuring the information they need to answer account questions and take advantage of upsell opportunities is right at their fingertips.


Providing great customer service will help these relationships to develop and grow, but the delivery of an efficient operation means much more than just maximising call-flow, optimising call handling and minimising the number of abandoned calls. You need to manage customer expectations. You need to enhance agent and supervisor productivity, enabling customer requests to be handled quickly and efficiently, allowing your management team to focus on business process improvement tasks.

The key is to simplify your customer service call centre operations through the use of technologies that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and deploy them reliably across multiple locations.


Downtime in the client relationship is a not negotiable! That’s why the very core of the Nexys Contact Center solution is our highly reliable IP phone system with redundancy and virtualization support built in. Combined with the high availability and disaster recovery features in our Nexys Contact Centre solutions, you can be confident you’re protected from WAN and system failures.

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Call Centre enables you to enhance productivity, lower costs and increase customer service levels by automatically selecting the most important call to be answered and then ensuring that it is handled effectively.

It makes all the decisions on how and where calls should be delivered – and when – in-line with your specific business goals, whilst providing Real-Time information and Historical Reports to your Supervisors, Administrators and Business Managers.


Sophisticated call routing lies at the very core of the our Call Centre system presenting calls to agents based on priority and skills in line with business goals and Service Level Agreements.

Call Centre utilises a highly sophisticated call allocation engine to ensure that these business specific goals are always met, whilst making the most efficient and effective use of the available agents, dramatically improving the ability to maintain high levels of service, even in periods of heavy traffic.

Each call in each queue is assigned an initial call priority that is determined by the queue it is assigned to, and the length of time it has been in that queue. This allows the priority of a call to dynamically escalate at a defined rate over time.

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